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My wife is a Nurse Practitioner in New York State who has been on the front line of COVID-19 since day 1. As many of us know from the recent media exposure, our front line workers are not equipped with the proper protective equipment, yet they are stilling putting themselves in front of COVID-19 daily because it is their mission to help protect the ill.

My wife has been working overtime everyday since COVID-19 has spread throughout New York State and has not complained once about the extended hours, lack of sleep, missed family time or even being put at risk everyday by treating patients with COVID-19. However, she has complained about one thing...... Wearing a mask all day, every day has become very irritating and uncomfortable for her and the rest of the staff. For those that do not know, a traditional mask will loop around an individuals ear to stay in place. As you can imagine, wearing this mask everyday like this can become very irritating and uncomfortable. They attempted to create their own solution for this problem by using a rubber band to hold the straps together on the back of their heads, however, they were finding this uncomfortable and even tearing their hair apart.

Once my wife told me about this issue and showed me the irritation she was having, I immediately began to brainstorm and came up with a new solution for this problem. I was able to create the EOS Surgical Mask Retention Clip. After making a few prototypes, we were able to create a piece that was approved by my wife and her staff that was much more comfortable than their current DIY clip.

Now that we have created a piece that works for those on the front line, we want to donate these to individuals around the country. We are asking for your support and donations by contributing any donation to help cover our shipping expenses. Our company EOS, is covering the material and labor expenses for this product, but we need your help to get this product delivered to those on the front line.

The entire EOS team thanks you for your support in this effort!

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